It’s Saturday night once again, and I am sitting down to write and I am . . . blank! I had an idea but I forgot what it was and so here I am. Saturday night confessions that I have nothing. Then I thought to myself, “Hey Self! Why don’t you post some funny things just for fluff and fun!” For some reason that made me think of the scene from the TV show M*A*S*H back in the 70s. There was a scene where they were trying to pass the time, and they decided to do Father Mulcahy impressions.

So thank you to YouTube we have all these amazing clips that bring back (mostly) fond memories. My son was a baby when they played the Series Finale, and I think I bawled for days.

Anyway, how about some jocularity, hmmm?

Here is one of the funniest scenes from my all-time favorite movies, “Blazing Saddles.”

And this one…it’s subtle, but funny!!

Okay last one! Mongo, played by Alex Karras, is hilarious!!

And my all-time favorite dumb joke:

Okay I know this is silly. I have a silly sense of humor. I like parodies, slapstick humor, all that stuff that is so dumb it’s funny. Faves are Mel Brooks movies, the original Pink Panther movies, and Monty Python.

Speaking of Monty Python, here’s one of my favorite scenes from the Holy Grail:

Well that’s it for tonight. I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoyed the fun!