To Vaccinate, or Not To Vaccinate. That Is The Question!

Today, I received my first of two COVID-19 vaccinations. I had the Maderna vaccine, and will have my second one a month from now. It was an easy process. It was a clinic put on by our local hospital and was held at the Fairgrounds. They have a large building and their set up is efficient and fast. I barely felt the shot as he gave it to me and then I had to go and sit for 15 minutes before they would release us. They want to make sure that we don’t have a bad reaction to it, I’m sure.

Now. About the vaccine. I really don’t want to get political on this blog, because the hate that spews from both sides is ugly. Just ugly. Regardless of presidents, in my opinion they pushed through the vaccine too quickly. No, I don’t believe it’s made out of aborted babies, nor will it alter your DNA, nor does it contain a microchip. I do not believe that there was a second shooter on the grassy knoll in the Kennedy assassination in 1963. I do believe they had a man on the moon and it wasn’t a Hollywood fake out. Conspiracy theories make me roll my eyes and wonder if our country is filled with paranoid, delusional people who believe anything they’re told. But I’m judging. So let me rephrase. For ME, I think these conspiracy theories are ridiculous and a waste of most people’s time. But, as a friend once told me, just because you are paranoid, it doesn’t mean they aren’t after you!! 😛

What I didn’t realize is that the vaccine isn’t approved by the FDA yet! I didn’t know that until I read the pamphlet they gave me. After I had the vaccine! But it appears to be having a great deal of success, and it seems to me there are two risks — stay unvaccinated and risk getting COVID, which can 1) kill you or 2) leave you with lingering lifelong symptoms. Or, you can have the vaccine, and risk minor side effects, and roll the dice that it won’t cause some sort of long-term health problems, like some sort of auto-immune disease. Comme ci, comme ça.

I have medical issues that make me high risk for death if I get COVID. I have diabetes and I’m overweight, I have had cancer in the past, etc. etc. It made more sense to me to get the vaccine than risk getting COVID. I expect to have a good outcome.

But I digress. I have a very sore arm and feel a little weird. I had the vaccine this morning about 11am and now it’s nearly 10pm and I just feel weird. My 90 year old mother had zero side effects other than feeling tired. I feel dizzy, my ears are ringing, and I have a monster headache. But I have to wonder if that’s psychosomatic, because I’ve been on the alert all day for changes and symptoms that perhaps I’m just making myself feel them. I can see the little guy on the control panel in my brain, throwing up his hands in disgust saying, “Fine! You want symptoms? You got symptoms!”

At any rate, I will keep an eye on things, try not to think about it, take some ibuprofen and go to bed, curl up with my cat and a good book, and try to rest.

WARNING: The opinions on this blog are the opinions of the author only, and in no way imply that you need to believe the same way. Honestly. Hate comments will be deleted.

Thanks for reading! I’ll keep you posted.


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