Four Milk Duds

Good morning! What did you have for breakfast this morning? I’m not very good at making sure I eat this most important meal of the day. This morning so far, I’ve had four Milk Duds. Nutrition be damned! I know that I will need to eat something else soon, because I’m very hungry and, to be honest, a little nauseous.

Today is an anxiety day. Actually, the last few days have been anxiety days. I can tell, because the dishwasher is still loaded with clean dishes, and the piles on my kitchen counters are high. Yesterday was Wednesday, and I showered for the first time in five days. Ick, I know. I had to force myself to shower yesterday because I had to go to the windshield place to have the chip in my windshield fixed before it went from being a $35 chip repair to a $300 windshield replacement. Payday is tomorrow and that will alleviate some of my stress.

The good news is that tomorrow is Friday! Which is followed by two whole days off. I have a cleaning lady coming on Saturday to deep clean my whole apartment (except my roommate’s bedroom and bathroom. He’s way cleaner than I am.) I don’t like cleaning on the best of days but having anxiety just makes everything worse. It’s the snowball effect.

I am going to go fix myself something to eat, even if it is just cereal or instant oatmeal.


p.s. Update: I was ambitious and fixed scrambled eggs with cheese, and two slices of sourdough toast with jam. I have more piles on my counters but I feel much, much better. Onward and upward!

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